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I've had the unique opportunity of being able to take over 30 years of corporate sales presentations (including 16 years in Europe) - and showcasing that experience into Voice Acting. My experience has taught me the value of immediately connecting with my audience in an authentic and trustworthy manner, which has led to numerous achievement awards along the way. 

Born and raised in northern New Jersey, I may have a slight east coast cadence, or so I am told by some of my colleagues in the VO industry. But, that is precisely what distinguishes my voice from other ubiquitous "announcer" types. My delivery has been characterized as polished and professional, landing on listeners with credibility. Sixteen years of foreign sales experience has also helped to develop a sensitive ear, enabling me to replicate regional dialects and foreign accents. 

In addition to 16 years working abroad, my last 25 years living in the San Francisco / Bay Area has influenced my voice to evolve into a comfortable, natural, and relaxing sound.   

I would encourage you to try out my demos below and see for yourself.  I think my VO colleagues are mistaken.  What do you think?  I Look forward to hearing back.  Thanks for visiting my website. 

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Let me deliver your message to your audience  effectively and professionally 

My Demos
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Drink Coffee - Frank Napoli Demo
Jack London - Frank Napoli Demo
Geico - Frank Napoli Demo
Good Bad Habits - Frank Napoli Demo
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"Frank has a mature voice that is very friendly, calm and confident. His tone is deep and smooth, and he uses nice pitch variety in his delivery. Frank seems really comfortable behind the mic, and his sound connects nicely with listeners. A delight to work with and listen to!"  

Lisa Foster, Talent Coach & Producer

"We hired Frank to narrate a technical sales piece for a new concept product. We were hoping for a voice that would connect with a busy, distracted audience and at the same time come across as authentic and credible on a pretty complex topic.  Frank hit it out of the park.


Frank not only has a smooth trustworthy sound, but the ability to embrace a complicated story and make it his own. His first pass was delivered in less than 24 hours and was spot on. Extremely impressive! I wrote the script and didn’t realize how smart it sounded until I heard Frank’s delivery.


I can’t recommend Frank highly enough, and look forward to working with him again on future projects."


David Newsom

President & Founder

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With an on-site professional recording studio and professional experience, I will turn around quality work to meet your deadlines. It would be an honor to help connect your message to your audience.